The Facet of Celebrity Role Models

We are all guilty of having those celebrities that we’ve looked up to since we were kneerole-models high; wanting to look like, dress like and act like them. Yes, we all claim that we wouldn’t mind looking like the Jennifer Anniston’s and David Beckham’s of the world, but how much do we actually mean it? Maybe we’d consider a few more squats towards our J-Lo like figure at the age of 40, or apply a few more face masks trying to prevent those ever impending wrinkles. But when does admiration cross over into obsession? In extreme cases certain people admire celebrities so much so that they epitomise their whole appearance as perfect. Not only do they aspire to live the lavish lifestyle of the celebs but they also go to the extremes to look like them. During my research for this blog I was truly shocked by the amount of people who had gone under the knife with the hope of waking up looking like their favourite celeb. I was aware of these ‘big fangirl’ obsessions that people had with celebrities and public figures but I was unaware of how extensive some of these obsessions could be! People have gone to such lengths and spent great amounts of money with the hope of looking like Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt and even non- human characters such as Jessica Rabbit and the action man, Ken. This reinforces a point made by Naomi Wolf in The Beauty Myth as she states that ‘The ‘ideal’ has become at last fully inhuman'(Wolf, 1991, 234). This point suggests that peoples ideal appearances are becoming so unnatural that they are inhuman as they can only be achieved through plastic surgery.

jjp before
Jordan James Parke before surgery

Jordan James Parke (to the left), aged 23, from Manchester, spent a whopping $150,000 on plastic surgery just to look like his icon from the states, the infamous Kim Kardashian. His surgeries consisted of botox, eyebrow tattoos, laser hair removal and also lip fillers. However, it did not stop there! Jordan would not allow Kim K to outshine him in the fashion department therefore resulting in him spending thousands more dollars in order to impersonate her fabulous designer wardrobe. Contemplating the possibility of a nose job, Jordan claims that a few more surgeries will entail before his final look is Kardashian enough. Jordan told the The Sun  “I love everything about Kim. She’s the most gorgeous woman ever. Her skin is perfect, her hair, everything about her”. He continues stating how he is all about the ‘shock factor’, he welcomes the hate thinking of it as nothing more other than further attention, spurring him on to continue with the cosmetic surgery. He laughs off insults regarding his plastic look, asking ‘Do they think I’m going for the natural look? If I was, I’d ask for my money back.’


Below is a short clip of Jordan James Parke on ‘Itv this morning’. He discusses his procedures, the reasons behind them and also why he wishes to look like Kim Kardashian. Jordan also very recently appeared on Katie Pipers channel 4 show Bodyshockers: Nips, Tucks and Tatoos (find the link to the show in the article section of my site).

‘I finally look like Justin Bieber’, rejoices 33 year old Toby Sheldon. Aspiring singer-songwriter Toby Sheldon from Los Angeles has spent $100,000 since 2012 to look like pop idol Justin Bieber. He has had several surgeries including hair transplants, chin reduction, eyelid surgery and face fillers, all with the intentions of looking like Justin Bieber as he claims that Bieber ‘had this baby face that I just really liked,’. His obsession with cosmetic surgery began at the age of 23 when his hair began thinning but his fixation intensified greatly when baby faced Bieber hit the stage.

Toby’s before and after surgery shots.

Interestingly, Sheldon wasn’t Justin Biebers ultimate fan. He wasn’t one amongst hysterical fans screaming and shouting ‘WE LOVE YOU JUSTIN’. Bieber hitting the big time ensured his face was everywhere! Every time Toby saw Justin’s picture all he could think was ‘I want to look like him’. He may not have been the biggest fan of Justin’s whole brand but he definitely wins the no.1 spot for Bieber’s biggest look alike wannabe. Toby Sheldon appeared on the TV programme ‘My Strange Addiction’ (the below link) discussing his addiction, the process of achieving his fresh baby faced look and the reasons behind the changes he has made.

Overall, it is clear that the majority of people look up to and admire celebrities and public figures, wishing that we could be as photogenic as Kate Moss or as sculpted as Bradley Cooper. Peoples admiration is generally expressed through copying a celebrities dress sense or hair style, playing their music or buying their calender at Christmas, but it seems that some people take their admiration/obsessions in a different direction! As we have seen in this blog, it is evident that people can admire individuals to such an extent that not only do they wish to live their lavish lifestyle, they also want to have the matching face to go along with it! They view their celebrity idol as perfection, so much so that they themselves also want to achieve such perfection by looking as much like them as medically/scientifically possible. anigif_enhanced-5524-1412292196-1 Regarding any other examples mentioned in this blog post, I will post links to articles and videos on the Article section of my blog. Look out for the next post on 18th March, looking at controversy surrounding the ideal image in the fashion industry! Keep updated and follow me on twitter @Jones94L.


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